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Portable surgery LED lights during field surgery in field hospitals

Alternative Surgical Environments

Beyond the hospital

Natural disasters and global conflicts are a key driver for humanitarian assistance, resulting in thousands hurt or displaced by weapons of war or the wrath of Mother Nature.

NGOs such as Red Cross, MSF, ICRC and WHO are involved in disaster and emergency response during hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis
In conflict zones and man-made disasters such as wars, NGOs are involved in setting up healthcare and surgical facilities such as military hospitals for treatment of the wounded

Militaries as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and World Health Organization (WHO), frequently provide aid through humanitarian missions for disaster relief, treatment of conflict zone casualties and support of healthcare and surgical facilities in resource-limited countries. 

A compact and lightweight portable LED surgery light KLARO is ideal for surgery performed in portable surgical hospitals and mobile army surgical hospitals

Field Hospitals

Field hospitals are set-up in inhospitable environments to support advanced interventions like surgical care. Mobile surgical teams work in tents, makeshift buildings and underground shelters where electricity supply is frequently disrupted or non-existent.


Teams must also be sufficiently equipped with sterile surgical instruments and consumables, which are frequently pre-packed in emergency or surgical kits. 


Surgeries performed include simple to complex procedures such as basic trauma care, emergency thoracotomy and laparotomy for bowel injuries. 

Challenges faced in Surgical Field Hospitals

Lack of access to surgical operating equipment and emergency medical supplies such as first aid box, sutures, gauze, tourniquet and resuscitators

Lack of access to standard operating theatre equipment 

Lack of electricity and water supplies in surgical field hospitals in the battlefield

Non-existent or disrupted electricity and water supplies

lack of trained doctors and nurses in surgical field hospitals

Lack of access to trained healthcare workers

Dependable, Highly Portable Light Source

All surgeries performed in field hospitals are open surgeries where surgical lighting is imperative. When electricity supply becomes frequently disrupted or non-existent, such conventional surgical lighting equipment, amongst others, becomes undependable and oftentimes unusable


Therefore, a self-powered, highly portable sterile surgical light source would be especially vital, particularly one that can be used regardless of its operating environment. 


KLARO® is a compact and portable battery-powered surgical lighting device that delivers consistent illumination directly within deep surgical cavities. Supplied sterile, KLARO® can be used conveniently for all types of open surgeries, allowing for high visibility when operating in challenging surgical environments.  


Find out more about KLARO®.

Lightweight, compact and highly portable LED light shown here is battery-powered and rugged, thus ideal for field hospitals facing electricity disruptions during field surgeries. Best LED surgical light for all surgeries

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Vivo Surgical has recently completed a donation of our portable, battery-powered surgical lighting device to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Through this initiative, we are glad that our devices have allowed life-saving emergency surgeries to continue even in conflict zones, where electricity supply is frequently disrupted or non-existent. 

Vivo Surgical and UHU
Vivo Surgical and UHU
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