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Our Vision is to be the Asia Pacific’s leader in surgical technology and robotics

Vivo Surgical is a patient-focused, clinician-driven medical device manufacturer and distributor. An ISO 13485 certified company, our unique products target the medical needs of the world through innovative applications of science & technology.


Headquartered in Singapore, Vivo Surgical’s proprietary technologies span areas such as deep-cavity in vivo surgical LED lighting, flexible nasolaryngoscopy and minimally invasive robotic surgery.


Vivo Surgical constantly seeks to extend the application areas of our devices through specialist KOL collaborations and strategic technical tie-ups. Join us as we build towards our vision of being the Asia Pacific’s leading medical device manufacturer in surgical technology and robotics.

Company Culture

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Our team is comprised of driven individuals with diverse capabilities, united by the passion to push the frontiers of surgical technology and robotics. 

Vivo Surgical gives utmost importance to recognising individual strengths of our staff and equipping them with necessary training and mentorship to ensure consistent development and growth. We embrace diversity in our workplace which contributes to our team's innovation and creativity.

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Through cross-department organisation of corporate events and company-wide involvement in healthcare initiatives and campaigns, we are able to create a tight-knit community of staff with greater compassion and social responsibility. 



Working With Us