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Introducing KLARO™

Whilst operating theatres are equipped with overhead lighting, surgeons still find it challenging to achieve optimal vision especially for deep cavity open surgery procedures.


KLARO™ is designed for solving surgical illumination problems such as shadow effects caused by operators and objects.

KLARO™ is FDA registered, CE mark and HSA approved.


KLARO™ is manufactured in Singapore and meets necessary international safety standards. 


Key Design Values:

Safety | Functionality | Usability

A Revolutionary Surgical Lighting Solution: KLARO™

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Our Partners

At Vivo Surgical, we believe in constant design and innovation to meet the latest ever-evolving surgical needs of our healthcare practitioners.


Close developmental partnerships with key industry leaders and collaborations with clinical and academic experts enable us to create highly innovative devices and strategies that improve clinical outcomes. 


Vivo Surgical guarantees that our medical devices comply with all international safety and regulatory standards.


We work closely with our network of development partners and distributors to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality.