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Cancer is the leading cause of death in both developed and developing countries, accounting for about 10 million deaths in 2020 or 1 in 6 deaths.[1]

Cancer in the endoluminal organs, such as nasopharynx, stomach, colon and rectum are hard to detect and usually have no symptoms in the early stages. Diagnosis is usually via endoscopy procedure and patients who have early access to such procedures have a much higher survival rate.


1. World Health Organization. (2022, February 3). Cancer. Retrieved from

Many Patients Face Delays in

Early Cancer Diagnosis due to

Lack of access to screening programs & clinical services

Lack of trained clinicians to perform diagnostic tests

Lack of diagnostic equipment to

detect cancer

Diagnosis Delays

Current Challenges with Endoscopy Procedures 

Nasal endoscopy performed using a brand similar to Ambu, Endosee and the Olympus ENT scope

Expensive capital outlay

Bulky Item.png

Bulky equipment requiring dedicated space


Specialised user training required

Setting 1.png
Setting 1.png

Costly equipment maintenance

Current Challenges

Our Solution: ENLYT®

An endoscopic diagnostic device that helps surgeons screen for signs of early cancers

The ENLYT flexible endoscope is portable and compact, allowing for field use and use in outreach clinics by travelling surgeons

Portable & Compact

Small form factor & lightweight

ENLYT endoscope has a screen that can be detached from the endoscope handle, allowing modularity in design

Modular Design

Detachable monitor

The video endoscope comes with a screen, unlike the Optim Entity scope, allowing easy visualisation of the ENT tract

Touch Screen Control

Interactive user interface

A portable video endoscope is easy to use

Easy to Use

No additional training required

ENLYT is a novel ENT endoscope with image and video recording capabilities

Image & Video

Data recording & media transfer capability

The portable flexible endoscope is cost and space efficient compared to endoscopes like the Olympus ENT scope and the Karl Storz endoscope

Cost & Space Efficient

No bulky equipment cost & installation 

Our Solution

Co-Developed with

Duke Global Health Institute

ENT doctors and endoscopists using a reusable, portable flexible video bronchoscope and nasopharyngoscope for patient examination designed in partnership with Duke Global Health Institute


It’s about that patient who shows up with a worrisome sore throat, and the doctor who knows exactly what to do. It shouldn’t be the absence of a simple piece of tubing that dictates what happens next.

If the local doctors had a flexible scope, they could pick up cases earlier and get them referred for treatment. I think we’d see better patient outcomes.


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