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Are surgical headlights safe for surgeons?

#Didyouknow that 68% of surgeons who frequently use headlights / headlamps complain of neck symptoms?

In general, work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) is a common pressing challenge being realised by surgeons in different countries and healthcare settings.

This pertinent issue calls for solutions which improve surgeon safety to be introduced and implemented as soon as possible.

By using KLARO™️ to light up surgical cavities in place of conventional headlights, or by reducing the reliance on these headlights, the risk of MSDs experienced by surgeons can be alleviated.

Find out more about the other issues with conventional surgical lighting options here -


1. Sahni D, James KB, Hipp J, et al. Is there an increased incidence of cervical degenerative disease in surgeons who use loupes and a headlight? J Spine 2015;4(05):256. doi:10.4172/2165-7939.1000256

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