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Disruption and distractions from frequent repositioning of OR lights

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

#Didyouknow that every 7.5 minutes a member of the surgical team adjusts the operating room (OR) lights?

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Conventional OR lighting solutions which include overhead OR lights and headlights illuminate surgical cavities from a distance. For surgical sites that are deep and narrow or are located at an angle, frequent lighting readjustments are required to re-establish good illumination for the operating team.

As optimal lighting is crucial in surgeries for visualization, frequent disruptions due to OR light readjustments can be a source of distraction for the operating team. In fact, it has been shown that 64% of such light readjustments lead to an interruption of surgical tasks. Ultimately, this can affect surgical performance and patient safety leading to poor surgical outcomes.

Direct light sources, such as the KLARO™ in vivo surgical lighting, represent an opportunity to significantly limit equipment-related distractions, improving the quality of care.

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