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Official launch of Vivo Surgical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd at the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park

Vivo Surgical is pleased to announce the establishment of our wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary, Vivo Surgical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, on 16 January 2023. This move is a major step forward in our company’s overall strategic vision, which will anchor our presence and kickstart commercial activities in one of the world’s most important healthcare markets.

Headquartered in Singapore, Vivo Surgical is developing a novel flexible endoscopic surgical robot for deep, complex gastrointestinal surgeries amongst our product portfolio. With innovation at our core, we work closely with world-leading health systems and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to drive relevance, adoption and impact.

From our new home at the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (“SIP”), Vivo Surgical looks forward to engaging with our partners in the healthcare ecosystem across China in the years to come.

2023年1月16日,惟握医疗科技(苏州)有限公司正式成立了,标志着我们在战略布局中前进了一大步, 为在中国的本土化和深度耕耘开启了新篇章。

惟握医疗科技总部位于新加坡,专注于研发一类新型内窥镜软镜的手术机器人,用于消化科腔内复杂手术。我们坚持以创新为核心,与全球领先的医疗机构和临床专家团队致力于提高临床效果为目标。从位于中新苏州工业园的新家, 我们热切期待未来几年与中国医疗生态系统中的合作伙伴们携手共赢。

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