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Our versatile retractor loop allows for quick and easy attachment of KLARO to retractors of various blade sizes.

About the KLARO™

Retractor Loop

Made of biocompatible silicone rubber

Each KLARO is supplied with elastic retractor loops enabling flexibility in choice of retractors used.

Transform your Favourite Handheld and 

Self-Retaining Surgical Retractor into a

Lighted One

  • Enabling hands-free operation through mounting of the KLARO™ light strip onto surgical retractors.

  • Eliminating the need for a surgical assistant or scrub nurse to hold onto an additional lighted retractor.

  • Adaptable to surgical retractor tools already being used by the surgical team to ensure familiarity and efficiency in the instruments used.

  • Providing wide-angled lighting within the surgical cavity similar to floodlights

  • Minimizing disruptions during surgery due to frequent overhead lights repositioning, allowing the surgical team to focus better on the procedure. Studies have shown that operating room lights are adjusted up to once every 7.5 minutes.

  • Improving surgical ergonomics and reducing the risk of surgeons developing musculoskeletal pain or disorders through reduced headlights dependence. 

  • Reducing the risk of surgical site infections from potentially contaminated light handles.

Click here to find out more

Click here to find out more

Step-by-step retractor attachment guide available. 

Contact us for a copy.

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Did You Know How the KLARO™ Retractor Loop was Conceptualised?

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