This portable LED surgical light is compatible with all sizes of steel reusable handheld retractors to transform it into a lighted retractor. The device is different from conventional lighted retractors such as the Scintillant from BihlerMed, Flex Lite from Kaiser, Koplight from Yasui and the Rutilight from Swan Medical and other fiberoptic lighted retractors. Contact us if you are interested to purchase a superior alternative to lighted surgical retractors

With Handheld Retractors

KLARO™ retractor loops are compatible with retractors of blade sizes 10 mm to 145 mm

Video: Retractor Loop Demonstration for Handheld Retractors

For Large Handheld Retractors

For Slim Handheld Retractors

Easily Transform your Surgical Instruments into Lighted Ones in just 3 Steps with the provided Mini Retractor Loops

3 Mini Retractor Loops (clean).png

Mini Retractor Loops

Picture 1.png

Simple to Set Up

Easy to Mount

Secure Fit

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