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Introducing KLARO™

KLARO™ is a highly versatile in vivo surgical lighting device that solves the challenges posed by current conventional lighting modalities.

Developed together with leading oncological surgeons in one of the world’s top health systems, KLARO™ brings optimal illumination to deep and narrow surgical cavities where illumination was previously inadequate. 

KLARO™ is registered and approved in several international territories including the US FDA, European Union’s (EU) CE Mark and Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

KLARO™ is made in Singapore. 

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KLARO was invented to overcome the current state of surgical lighting challenges in operating theatres.


64% of surgeries are disrupted by frequent light repositioning [1]

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68% of surgeons who are high frequency headgear users experience aggravation of neck symptoms [2]


88% of surgeons find it difficult to illuminate deep surgical cavities [1]


  1. Knulst AJ, Mooijweer R, Jansen FW et al. Indicating shortcomings in surgical lighting systems. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol. 2011;20(5):267-275. doi:10.3109/13645706.2010.534169

  2. Sahni D, James KB, Hipp J et al. Is there an Increased Incidence of Cervical Degenerative Disease in Surgeons who use Loupes and a Headlight? J Spine. 2015;4: 256. doi:10.4172/2165-7939.1000256

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Product Features

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Adjustable Illumination

Choose from four lighting intensity levels to optimally illuminate deep surgical cavities 

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Wide-angle Lighting

When unbent: ~155° of illumination; when bent: up to ~ 340° of illumination

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Small and Unobtrusive

A light strip diameter of 4.6 mm ensures an easy fit in small, tight surgical cavities 


Safe Working Temperature

Maintains a safe working temperature under 38°C / 100.4°F within the surgical cavity at any lighting intensity 

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The device clips onto surgical drapes or is placed on the surgical trolley during use 


Cordless Convenience 

Portable and lightweight with no wires to restrict movement

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Sterile, Single Use 

Supplied sterile hence eliminating risk of contamination 


Long Battery Life

4-hour lifespan with integrated low-battery indicator (< 15 minutes left) 

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Ease of Use

Hassle-free set-up, operated with just a button push

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How KLARO™ Unlocks Superior Surgeries

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Less Disruptions

from frequent lighting readjustments


Better Ergonomics 

due to improved surgeon posture

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Adaptable Illumination

within surgical cavities


Reduces SSI* Risks

due to surgical site contamination

*Surgical Site Infection


Eliminates Burn Risks

from both patients and surgical team

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Smaller Incisions

without compromising on visualisation and during surgery 

How KLARO unlocks superior surgeries in a Tonsillectomy case

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Relazione Prof. Casale Illuminazione KLARO-5 KLARO_ Irene.jpg
Relazione Prof. Casale Illuminazione KLARO-5 Both_ Irene.jpg

With Head Lamp Alone

With KLARO™ Alone

With KLARO & Head Lamp

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Key Benefits 

Flexibility to select from 4 different lighting intensities

Easily secure KLARO™ to surgical drapes

Achieve wide-angled flood lighting within the surgical cavity

Be alerted to 15 minutes of battery life remaining

Transform Your Retractor into a Lighted One

KLARO™ can be easily mounted onto both Handheld Retractors and Self-retaining Retractors using our versatile retractor loops.

Applicable Surgical Specialties

KLARO™ empowers surgeons with optimal lighting.

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Click here to view videos of KLARO™ used in various surgeries.