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Co-innovation Partnerships 

Bringing ideas from bench to bedside, unlocking greater value for patients with better outcomes

Our Service

Vivo Surgical is focused on working with healthcare partners to innovate and address gaps in the medical field. We seek to constantly re-invent current solutions to bring greater value to customers and improve patient outcomes. We believe that better solutions are created through collaborations.

Being a co-development partner, we are committed to providing end-to-end capabilities from ideation to commercialisation.

Why Work with Us


Nimble and adaptable to technical requirements 

Point to point.png

First-hand experience with

the start-up journey


Deep understanding on grants and financial schemes 


Engagement with cross-functional team conferring end-to-end value chain capabilities  


Strong connections with stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem

We Are Open to Collaborating with


Health System Partners

  • To analyse and identify clinical needs in different health systems

  • To develop customised clinical solutions relevant to global healthcare needs

  • To collaborate on potential technology transfer or licensing opportunities for downstream commercialisation 



  • To develop proofs of concepts and prototypes from innovative ideas

  • To conduct feasibility studies on promising ideas

  • To provide in-depth guidance on patent registration, grants and project funding plans

Areas of Interest

We aim to innovate in the following areas


In Vivo Surgical Lighting

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Endoscopic Surgery


NOTES - Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery 

AI - Guided Endoscopic Imaging

AI - Guided Endoscopic Imaging 

Our Success Stories

DSC_0215 copy 2.jpg

KLARO™ is a result of working with clinicians from Singapore General Hospital and National Cancer Centre Singapore addressing their top unmet need in the operating theatre.

ENLYT™ is a result of our innovative partnership with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), Duke Global Health Institute, Singapore General Hospital and

National ENT Hospital Vietnam to develop a next-generation portable endoscope system.

DSC_0215 copy 3.jpg

Hear from Our Innovation Partner

If you are open to kickstarting a collaboration with us,

contact us at

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