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Frequently Asked Questions

 What type of quality or safety certifications does KLARO™ have? 

Vivo Surgical is an ISO13485 certified company and we guarantee that our products comply with all international safety and regulatory standards.

 Is KLARO™ approved for sale in the United States? 

Yes, KLARO™ is FDA registered and approved. Click here to view our FDA certification 

 Is KLARO™ approved for sale in the European Union? 

Yes, KLARO™ is CE Mark registered and approved. Click here to view our CE certification 

 Does KLARO™ require any additional parts or components? 

No, each KLARO™ comes out of the sterile blister package ready for use. No additional parts and/or components are required. It is packaged with 4 silicone retractor loops which enable easy attachment to any handheld or self-retaining retractors. Click here to view how to secure/attach KLARO™ to any type of retractors.

 What type of light source is used in KLARO™? 

KLARO™ utilizes a light-emitting diode (LED) light source. Our single-use lights offer 4 different intensities for ease of selection and allowing optimal visualization during procedures.

 Should I be concerned about KLARO™ heating up during use? 

No, KLARO™ maintains a safe working temperature not exceeding 38° C / 100.4° F.

 What type of battery is used in KLARO™? 

KLARO™ is powered by non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery. Click here to learn more about our battery.

 Do I need to dispose of the battery separately? 

KLARO™ is designed to be disposed in its entirety after use. Click here to learn more about our battery disposal.

 Can the KLARO™ battery be removed without risk of cross-contamination? 

KLARO™ is designed in such a way that the user cannot remove the battery without risk of cross-contamination.

 Is KLARO™ reusable? 

KLARO™ is a single-use product.

 Is KLARO™ product available worldwide? 

Yes, KLARO™ has distribution partners all over the world. To check its availability in your country please contact

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