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Is There a Solution to Current Surgical Lighting Challenges?

Updated: May 10, 2023

The four main categories of surgical lighting include operating room lights, lighted retractors, headlights, operating microscopes, cordless retractors and wireless surgical retractors

Current Surgical Lighting Options

Although not often discussed, adequate surgical lighting is probably one of the key factors affecting surgical performance and patient outcomes during a surgical procedure. To keep up with the advancements of surgical techniques, surgical lighting solutions must adapt to continuously provide optimal illumination within surgical cavities. Today, the main illumination methods used in surgery are:

  • Surgical lighting systems (SLS), commonly referred to as Operating Room lights

  • Lighted retractors

  • Headlights

  • Operating microscopes

What are the challenges and requirements for optimal surgical lighting?

Despite having a wide range of surgical lighting options to select from, some challenges persist in efficiently and safely illuminating surgical cavities. These challenges as described by Curlin et al in his paper about the Current State of Surgical Lighting include:

  • Ergonomic issues and physical stress from headlights use

  • Constant readjustments of both SLS and headlights leading to distractions during surgery

  • Burns and fire risk from prolonged use of light sources

The paper goes further to highlight three criteria of surgical lighting that are essential to optimize illumination:

  1. Centering light on the surgeon’s immediate field

  2. Illuminating a wide or narrow field with high-intensity light

  3. Penetrating into a cavity or under a flap

Current individual surgical lighting methods meet at least one of these criteria, but none meets all, leaving room for an innovative and novel solution to enter the space.

KLARO in vivo surgical lighting overcomes illumination challenges in the operating theatre due to it being a portable and lightweight battery-powered light designed to reach into deep and narrow cavities

Is there such an innovative lighting solution available?

KLARO™, our in vivo surgical lighting device, is a high versatile and effective lighting solution that can overcome the current surgical lighting challenges and provide surgeons with optimal illumination in the surgical site.

KLARO™ provides illumination directly within the surgical cavity and has a flexible and thin light strip which allows it to penetrate deep into surgical sites or behind flaps providing the surgeon with a wide-angled flood lighting from within. KLARO™ has a safe working temperature range and can be considered as an alternative to headlights, overcoming the ergonomic issues and constant readjustments challenge.

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Reference: Curlin J, Herman CK. Current State of Surgical Lighting. Surg J (N Y). 2020;6(2):e87-e97. Published 2020 Jun 19. doi:10.1055/s-0040-1710529


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