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Updated: Jun 15

KLARO in vivo surgical light is designed for optimal illumination of deep and narrow surgical cavities, for better visualization of critical anatomy structures

“Vivo Surgical’s KLARO™ in vivo lighting device is designed to revolutionise surgical illumination and provide a clearer view of surgical cavities.”

Our product KLARO™ was recently featured in top medical news platforms such as healthcare-in-europe.com (HiE), OR Today, Guided Solutions, Med-Tech Innovation News and Medical Device News Magazine. These articles highlight the key features of KLARO™ and potential benefits that KLARO™ can bring to surgeries. Learn more about how KLARO™ can redefine your surgical environment with clearer anatomical visualisation for superior surgeries.

Read the full article of our features in the links below:

1. healthcare-in-europe.com (HiE) - New Lighting Solution Improves Illumination of Surgical Cavities.


Featured in the healthcare in Europe magazine, KLARO is a new lighting solution available in European markets

2. OR Today - Vivo Surgical’s KLARO Illuminates Surgical Cavities.


KLARO illuminates surgical cavities from within, allowing shadow management and eliminating ergonomic problems such as surgeon back pain

3. Guided Solutions - Vivo Surgical Highlights Advantages of In Vivo Lighting Device.


KLARO in vivo surgical lighting can be mounted onto any surgical retractor, allowing hands-free operation and superior illumination

4. Med-Tech Innovation News - Vivo Surgical Highlights Advantages of In Vivo Lighting Device.


KLARO in vivo surgical lighting is designed to revolutionise surgical illumination and provide an excellent view of the surgical cavity

5. Medical Device News Magazine - Vivo Surgical’s KLARO™ In vivo Lighting Device Provides Unparalleled Illumination of Surgical Cavities.


Unparalleled illumination is achieved with KLARO which can be mounted on reusable and single-use surgical retractors

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