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Vivo Surgical featured on latest episode of IA at Play! by IPOS International

Vivo Surgical was featured on the latest episode of IA at Play! by IPOS International.

The commercialization journey of a medical device encompasses several resource-intensive developmental stages, requiring input from various partners and collaborators within healthcare ecosystems.

For any medtech startup, it is therefore vital to have strong intellectual property (IP) foundations and an overall strategy to enhance one’s credibility and business robustness.

In this episode of IA at Play! by IPOS International, hear from our CEO, Kevin Koh, PhD and Head of Technology, Richard Lieu, as they share some insights on our IP and Intangible Assets (IA) strategy that have paved the way for strategic collaborations with key business and technology players in Singapore and overseas.

Watch the full video here -

Read the full article here.

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