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Vivo Surgical was at CHI INNOVATE 2022

Vivo Surgical was at CHI INNOVATE Flagship Day 2022 on 4th November 2022.

Organised by the CHI – Centre for Healthcare Innovation, we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative medical device offerings and exchanged ideas with interested clinicians and partners.

On display at our booth were:

  • KLARO®, our in vivo surgical lighting device for use during deep cavity open surgeries, and

  • ENLYT™, our upcoming portable endoscope for imaging and screening applications:

    • In hospitals wards (for pre- and post-surgery inspections);

    • In ambulances and during house calls (for emergency response procedures); and

    • In GPs and polyclinics (for primary care level screening procedures).

Specifically for ENLYT™, we hope to work together with primary care providers (GPs, polyclinics, etc) to increase grassroots level access for nasopharyngeal cancer screening and diagnosis.

For more information on the CHI programme, visit:

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